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DIODE from SEMIKRON Page 2 of 18
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21. Part #: SKE4F1/10
Description: DIODE

22. Part #: SKKD380/08
Description: POWER MODULE 380A 800V DUAL-DIODE

23. Part #: SKN100/02
Description: DIODE, M12, 200V, 100A, REV, M12X1.7 M12X1.75

24. Part #: SKN100/04
Description: DIODE, M12, 400V, 100A, REV, M12X1.7 M12x1.75

25. Part #: SKN100/08
Description: DIODE, M12, 800V, 100A, REV, M12X1.7 M12X1.75

26. Part #: SKN100/12-DO8
Description: DIODE 100A 1200V REV 3/8"-24 UNF 2A

27. Part #: SKN100/12
Description: DIODE, M12, 1200V, 100A, REV, METRIC M12X1.75

28. Part #: SKN100/14-DO30
Description: DIODE, DO-30, 1400V, 100A, REV 1/2"-20 UNF 2A

29. Part #: SKN100/14
Description: DIODE, M12, 1400V, 100A, REV, METRIC M12X1.75

30. Part #: SKN100/16-DO8
Description: DIODE, DO-8, 1600V, 100A, REV 3/8"-24 UNF 2A

31. Part #: SKN100/16
Description: DIODE, M12, 1600V, 100A, REV, METRIC M12X1.75

32. Part #: SKN130/02
Description: DIODE, M12, 200V, 130A, REV, M12X1.7 M12X1.75

33. Part #: SKN130/04
Description: DIODE, M12, 400V, 130A, REV, M12X1.7 M12X1.75

34. Part #: SKN130/08
Description: DIODE, M12, 800V, 130A, REV, M12X1.7 M12X1.75

35. Part #: SKN130/12-DO8
Description: DIODE, DO-8, 1200V, 130A, REV 3/8"-24 UNF 2A

36. Part #: SKN130/14-DO8
Description: DIODE, DO-8, 1400V, 130A, REV 3/8"-24 UNF 2A

37. Part #: SKN130/16-DO8
Description: DIODE, DO-8, 1600V, 130A, REV 3/8"-24 UNF 2A

38. Part #: SKN130/16
Description: DIODE, M12, 1600V, 130A, REV, METRIC STD, M12X1.75

39. Part #: SKN135F06
Description: DIODE, M12, 600V, 135A, REV, 500nS M12X1.75

40. Part #: SKN135F08
Description: DIODE, M12, 800V, 135A, REV, 500nS M12X1.75